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[Which Came First - 
        The Digital Camera or the Digital Camera Image?; Click to See a Larger Image]

Which Came First - The Digital Camera or the Digital Camera Image?
Original Digital Art by Noel Carboni

There are some excellent web sites on the Internet for making the most of your photos, and for learning and sharing information about digital imaging. Look at these, share a little of your knowledge in the forums, and I guarantee you'll be paid back tenfold with info about photographic techniques, hardware, software, and other fun stuff.


You'll learn things you never knew you never knew, and you might even teach someone a little something on the way! Go ahead, share your knowledge with the world; it defines the best qualities of Internet and pays off tenfold at least. Warning: These can be addictive!


Want to make big or true photo quality prints? Upload photos, enter your credit card number, and a few days later the prints arrive at your doorstep. Way cool.


Here's where to learn about digital imaging hardware. Don't make a purchase without reading through these.

Photo of the Day Sites

Here are a few sites to which you can submit your photos for Internet fame and fortune (okay, the fortune part is a bit iffy; competition for prizes is pretty stiff). Good luck!

Date last updated: June 10, 2003

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